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Stock Wolf Twitter Dislaimer

Welcome to the StockWolf Twitter Disclaimer. Here we will give you a quick rundown of us, what we do, and what to expect from our feed.

First off, we do not trade stocks our algorithms pick. We will never buy/sell/hold a property that our system picks.

We will never tweet what our Wolf Picks are. We will announce when picks are ready and their performance on Twitter, but the picks will always only be posted on our site.

We do not take payment to promote a stock, say it's a buy, put it as a pick, or anything like that. We may promote news, PR, and other information for payment(visit our sponsor info page for more), but never will a pick or any other stock that shows up in algorithms get there by payment. If news has any additional information by us, it is personal opinion and we were not paid for that opinion. Any opinion we take on this news is not a recommendation to buy/sell/hold.

A retweet or like is not an endorsement or a recommendation to buy/sell/hold. Just information we think is relevant.

Some of our tweets might be automated tweets pulling symbols and information from our algorithms, and are scheduled. The information/data may not be relevant at the time(OR out of date when) you read it, or at all.

We do not hand select picks. We do not select anything by hand here. We have a prediction system that makes our Wolf Picks at ~3PM PST Weekdays, we built it during 2 long years of dev. It watches trends and simply picks the stocks that fit best into the trends for the following day. Sometimes the trends don't pan out, sometimes they do. They are not and should not be considered a sure thing. Everything we do is to offer more information to help you narrow down stocks to look into, and maybe get the trends right.  

We are not here to profit off pumping b/s stocks, or to pump stocks we own. We built this to create a real penny stock site with the real stats we all deserve, to make better decisions. We are NOT financial advisers and you should speak to one before trading. All Stock Wolf algorithms follow 14 day patterns only, unless otherwise noted.

I can go on forever, because I am passionate about this system but, I will spare you and wrap this up.

We will never take money for a stock to show up in our picks(they will always stay as automated systems), we will never buy/sell/hold any securities our system recommends, we will never pump a security for our/or anyone elses gains, We may promote public information (like news/PR/financials and other info) for a stock to get information out there but, it will never be a recommendation to buy, just to inform. We are not liable for loses or gains. We offer information and that's it. Not professional investment advice.

We are testing a new addition to StockWolf, and you will notice it as "Wolf Odds". It will replace the "Wolf Trend" spot on a symbols detailed stats page in the top right. This is our probability score/percentage that the symbol will be positive that day in trading. It is not a fool-proof system and isn't meant to be used as investment advice. Please do all due diligence before trading and understand our Wolf Odds are just for information and education only, not as trading advice.

Let's be buddies.

Auto-Tweet Information:

We added a new auto-tweet update that goes out at 2:45PM(PST). This Tweet gives symbols that have hit a 14day bandwidth low but the vortex indicator crossed into positive, the symbols are filtered for average volume and other stats to weed out low volume and other undesireables. These are good indicators of a breakout, but are never sure things. They are for education only and to inform you, not to blindly buy/sell/hold. Do your due diligence on these, Like all our other updates. Look into the stock, see if it has history with these trends and what happens. Look to see if it's Vortex is volatile or not. If it breaks positive often, shakes up a lot with a lot of hills/spikes up and down and all over, then it's probably not the best bet. There will also be false positives in these updates since Vortex and Bollinger band algorithms are some of the more complex and a lot of moving parts, anything can happen. So that is why it is very important to looking into these ones thoroughly. 

We have also added Marijuana/Cannabis tweets for the algorithms below.

(Auto-tweets are not vetted. The information is processed straight from the data we receive. Numbers we receive could be wrong/outdated and things can be tweeted that are not correct.)

Before Market Buzz Auto Tweets get posted in Descending order of the amount of tweets it has got in a certain timeline.

After Market Buzz Auto Tweets get posted in Descending order of the amount of tweets it has got in a certain timeline.

Lowest Selling Pressure and High Rel. Volume tweets post in Descending order of number of upticks/tick counts and have a rel volume over 1.

Most Tweets Today is descending order for stocks that we counted to have the most tweets on the day.

Lowest Selling Pressure last 3 Days posts in Descending order stocks that we have counted having the highest number of upticks to downticks ratio. Filtered with certain volume or other information to weed out stocks.

Lowest Selling Pressure last 7 Days posts in Descending order stocks that we have counted having the highest number of upticks to downticks ratio. Filtered with certain volume or other information to weed out stocks.

StockWolf was compensated $100 to tweet out news for NXGH on 11/29/2017 & 12/7/2017

StockWolf is dedicated to Penny Stock quotes and data to provide information, news, and education on penny stocks to help in your due diligence.

30min+ delay on data. All data is picked with automated algorithms and not vetted for accuracy. Please, read ALL information and disclaimers before using our service. StockWolf is not a licensed financial adviser, and not liable for your loses. Trade responsibly. This site is for education purposes only not a recommendation to buy/sell


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