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A major roll in Stock Wolf algorithms and displayed around the site is Vortex, Vortex Indicator, Vortex Gap, Vortex Trend(Vortext), and other forms of Vortex. The Vortex Indicator is a complicated and long process of formulas for a very easy to read and understand stats.

The Vortex Indicator creates two trend lines or numbers, One line is the positive trend, and the other line is the negative trend. This creates a very clear idea of where the positive and negative trends are for that stocks.

If you look at Vortex Indicator on a chart, if the positive line is higher or above the negative line, you have a positive trend or a buying trend. If the negative line is higher or above the positive line, then it is in a negative swing.

This creates a real simple stat to look at to understand what trend that stock is in.

Something you might see around Stock Wolf or on our Twitter, is us mentioning a Vortex Bullish Cross. It is said that if a stock is in a negative trend, that when the positive line crosses over the negative line, you may hit a bullish buying phase with the positive trend taking over. This is never 100% true, but it is a great metric to pay attention to when you want to find upcoming breakout stocks.

The Vortex number you see on a stocks symbol page is the width/gap between the positive and negative line. If the number is positive, that means the positive line is higher than the negative. The higher the number, means the wider the width is from the 2 numbers. Meaning, the more powerful the positive trend is to the negative trend. If the number is negative, then that means the negative trend is higher than the positive trend.

Stock Wolf Vortex Indicators:

When seeing a "*" used with a Vortex number means the positive line has cross the negative line.

Stock Wolf has it's Wolf Runners, it counts the upticks and downticks throughout the trading day. The more upticks than downticks the better. Generally a Trend or Runner score over .50 means that the buying is outweighing the selling.

We use averages to display the Trend for certain periods.

A Trend3 is it's Wolf Trend average for the last 3 Days. Trend7 is for the last 7 days, and Trend14 is for the last 14.

If a stocks Trend increases with each period, it usually means it is going on a rising run. 

If any Trend number is really low, it generally means it has more selling pressure than buying pressure. When a trend reaches as low as .10 it means getting in a profitable quick trade will be minimal due to the selling pressure. If you get a stock as a promotion somewhere, check it's Wolf Trends. When the Trend gets too low the odds of making a profitable day trade drop significantly.

Wolf Trends check buying/selling upticks/downticks every 15min and tracks them based on that timing. A lot can go on between those 15min, and a lot can be missed. So this number should be taken with a grain of salt, and is more to give a general idea of a stocks general day-to-day buying/selling movement. It is not 100% on the dot given that it doesn't check the ticks every min. 

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