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We changed our symbol updating system. In the testing process it had some issues with de-listing a symbol if there was an apostrophe in it's company name. This issue has been fixed but, some stocks might have missed 1 day of data which will cause some incorrect 14 day data. If the company name has an apostrophe, you can assume they were affected and to take this into consideration while looking at their stats.

Even though there was this minor hiccup, our automated symbol updating system is working and will always give us updated symbol lists.

Today we put the final tests on our stock pickers new brain. After a month or so running it in beta, then another few weeks tweeking it, we are now ready to push it live. Our old picking system used a simple system to predict momentum, but with that it's tough to predict the end of a run for a stock, specially a penny stock. So we decided to turn our simple system into a 4 tiered system of goodness. Yes, 4 f-ing tiers. Each tier works with their own filters in place, they get more strict and collect more/different data as the tiers and conditions go higher. This makes a system in place that can see what makes the market or a stock shift, what are the indicators for this. It is a short-term collector, only working with 15 days of data. Like the movie iRobot all tiers and conditions follow a certain set of rules, but 8 set rules instead of 3. They are things we set in stone that a stock must have to be a pick. Mostly spread history, trade history, price history and a few other things. Just from those rules we end up with 50 - 100 stocks to pick from(depending on the market). That's where the rest kicks in to find the best ones in the group... Well the best one it thinks are the best.

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Hi everyone, it has been hectic here getting all algorithms situated and working. Things have been smoothing out with the numbers and our learning system is ready to start testing Dashboard 2.0. The algorithms will all be geared towards the best stocks to look into within certain technical specs. Before stocks were listed raw with no process to weed out bad eggs, but now it is getting smarter on how to weed out bad eggs and what makes a stock with that technical spec historically rise the following day. This does not mean the stock is a sure thing, or that you should invest in it. But it will be easy for you to find stocks by certain tech specs to look further into, hoping that historically with it's current number it should rise within a day or 2. This is no certainty and our new 100 point learning process for the Dashboard is still a baby, it needs more historical data to get better but, it is at a nice testing phase right now.

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