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Stock Wolf operates a daily picking system made for users/members/viewers/guests and anyone to vote for a stock, either up or down. This add-on is called "Community Picks" and is referred to as such throughout the site, social media, and other areas.

It is simple to vote for your picks. The system clears out all votes Mon-Thur at 3 PM PST(Picks also clear Sundays at 3 PM for picks to be made for Mondays market), making the community able to add fresh votes for the following market day. To vote a stock up or down, you just go to it's page, either with the stock search or by clicking it on it from any page that it shows up on. From it's page you find the green and red buttons. Clicking the "pick up" green button adds one vote for up. Clicking the "pick down" red button adds one vote for down. Giving each stock an up and down count.

The final numbers get put into a final adjusted number. The adjusted number is all Up Votes minus all Down Votes. This gives us an adjusted up vote rank. If a stock received 100 up votes, but got 25 down votes, the adjusted up vote total is 75. This gives a more equal playing field. So if a stock has 100 up votes at the top, but has 90 down votes, while a stock has 99 up votes and no down votes is lower, this would be an unfair system. This means down votes count too. It evens the field out for people to down vote against a stock they don't feel will go up.

The community picks do not use a sessions, cookies, IP's, or rate limiters. This means users can vote any number of times on a stock. This also means even google crawlers can activate a vote, with other crawlers having similar effects. There are many ways that this can cause discrepancies, but while community picks are new and basically in "beta" this issue should be worked out on next roll-outs.

Due to Stock Wolf not controlling the picks in community picks, and the ease of discrepancies we are not held liable for your actions with these stocks. They are not vetted, checked, moderated by Stock Wolf. Do no trade these stocks without proper guidance and education of the stock. We(Stock Wolf) are not liable for your losses. Community Picks are picked by other users, and maybe even by bots that crawl the site or anything else that could click/follow a link. We do not track who picks which stock, so we will not be able to deliver or offer such information. We urge you to seek trading help from a licensed professional before making any trades.

StockWolf is dedicated to Penny Stock quotes and data to provide information, news, and education on penny stocks to help in your due diligence.

30min+ delay on data. All data is picked with automated algorithms and not vetted for accuracy. Please, read ALL information and disclaimers before using our service. StockWolf is not a licensed financial adviser, and not liable for your loses. Trade responsibly. This site is for education purposes only not a recommendation to buy/sell


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